Artists in our Queer Mall

FAVE is currently featuring the work of:

Byrd Beaks, Campfires and Coffee, Chrystal Sunshine Jewelry, and Ray Kaplan.

Byrd Beaks

ByrdBeaks specializes in unique and colorful accessories designed to be functional and stylish. Their product range includes a variety of compact zipper wallets that can be clipped to clothing or attached to belts, making them versatile and convenient for everyday use. These wallets come in various vibrant designs, such as the 90's Neon Leopard, Leather Pride Flag, Rainbow Unicorns, and Psychedelic Space Cats, each featuring internal dividers to keep cash and cards organized​.

Campfires and Coffee

Campfires & Coffee offers a variety of eco-friendly and socially conscious products, including graphic t-shirts, embroidered sweatshirts, and tank tops featuring unique nature and art designs. They also provide vinyl stickers and bold canvas tote bags that promote social messages and self-expression. Each item is crafted with a focus on sustainability and style, perfect for those who love the outdoors and supporting impactful causes​

Chrystal Sunshine Jewelry

Chrystal Sunshine Jewelry offers a stunning collection of handcrafted jewelry that combines artistic design with ethically sourced metals and gemstones. Their product range includes unique necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets. Featured items include the Cicada Necklace with Mother of Pearl and Blue Sapphires, Aragonite Raw Crystal Necklace, and Trans Pride Crystal Earrings. The designs often incorporate natural elements and mystical themes, such as the Bronze Velociraptor Necklace and the Echinacea Dangly Earrings, making each piece both visually striking and meaningful.